Bird is the Word

A Year of Incredible

I have a tendency to get retrospective at the end of a calendar year as many of us do. This year I cant help but sit here and think, wow. At this time last year I sat in my home in Alabama and wondered if my dream of getting to live in the place that my hearts beats deeply for would come to fruition. Would all of the pieces fall in to place that would be required to make the dream a reality? How would my job handle it, my family, my friends, finances, etc? It all ended up coming together and beautifully. For the first time in my life I was able to let go of control of the situation, one of the biggest of my life might I add, and give it over to God for his timing and providence to take hold. We did end up getting to move out to Oregon and we haven’t looked back. The times we have shared with people, with ourselves, have been incomparable. Mountains and rivers, oceans and lakes, all of the things we wanted to experience we have immersed ourselves in and have been enriched for doing so in a way that is incalculable. The fishing has been out of this world, there is no doubt, but the people we have met, the sights we have seen, the challenges accepted and met, that is what is truly memorable. I dont know what the year 2016 will bring but I know that it will be hard to top what has happened to us, no, what has been given to us in 2015. Here is look back at some truly amazing moments and here is to hoping and praying for many of the same, and many new and different ones for us and all of you. Cheers and Blessings for the upcoming year.


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