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P for P

We all need to stop.  Remember when we all made videos soundtracked by “The Intro” by The Xx?  It felt like we couldn’t help ourselves but we all know where it ended.  I am pretty sure the last person to post a FF video featuring that song was stripped of all his/her terminal tackle by Moldy Chum.  And now we stand on the brink of another similarly dire situation.

I’m not even going to say it; I’ll refer to it as “P for P” as to not contribute further to the heinous overuse of the phrase.  We all get it, smallmouth are hardy fighters and are not large.  I understand the desire to make them “Best” at something.  And seeing as how they are not the largest freshwater fish and aren’t prettier than trout, we need a designation that fits their unique character.  So we say that “P for P” they are the hardest fighting fish.  And I admit that it is a very accurate and (!) even a good phrase.  I imagine the first fisherperson to coin that phrase, fighting a 2 pound bronzeback after a healthy dose of American brewed lager thinking to him/herself and then saying aloud “P for P these things can’t be beat”.  He/she probably thought this would make him/her famous, it should have.  I don’t blame him/her for our problem, he/she can’t be held at fault for our lack of moderation.


It stops here.  If I hear of another fly-fisherperson habitually spewing “P for P”’s, I will come to their house and poop in their Foyer.  And it if you are a habitual “P for P-er” I would bet you mispronounce Foyer.  It’s “Foy-yay”, said with a protruding chin and extended pinky and an intrinsic sense of superiority.

Good day to you all,

Sir Cornelius Staphington

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