Bird is the Word

Birthday Brown

I knew he was there. Just like I know he is there most times while standing across from a tasty run, only this time he was. A bit of good fortune and a friends advice along with some technologically aided study had put me in ¬†this place at this time, with the sun just barely hidden, no crowds, just an open run of dry fly possibility. Several drifts with no interest had me questioning the conditions but a lucky guess as the fingers slipped into the fly box changed things. The one spot I had been waiting for was coming up on the next cast. Slowly, methodically I waded through the run making sure not to take any water for granted but also salivating over what this lie n particular would hold. A long cast for a casting challenged angler such as myself and the dry touched down with precision and grace…one, two, three.

There he is.


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